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There are 60 stations the centre of Gothenburg. Find out how they work.

The Service

The Service

The 60 stations are scattered throughout the city centre to enable easy access and use. Located in close proximity to each other, every station has a minimum of 20 stands in situ making it easy to rent Styr & Ställ's bikes.

Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, Styr & Ställ is a self-service bike rental system open to everyone from 14 years of age.

With 60 stations and 1000 bikes, it enables you to travel through the city centre, ommute between home and work and get out and about to enjoy Gothenburg city at your leisure.

All stations are equipped for 1-Year ticket and 3 day ticket users.

Once purchased, you can use the 3 day ticket similar to the Season Ticket to rent or return a bike from any station in the network.

You can enjoy the many benefits of a 1-Year ticket for just 75 SEK. A 3-Day Pass costs 25 SEK. The first 30 minutes of use is free on every bike.

The first half-hour of each ride bikes are always free, regardless of the number of trips per day. A user can for example borrow the bike, 24 times in one day completely free as long as each bike ride does not exceed 30 minutes. After this first half-hour, a service charge applies.

See rates for pricing structure.

You get maximum rent a bike for a continuous period of 24 hours. After setting back a bike in a rack, do not hesitate to re-rent a bike for another maximum of 24 consecutive hours.

Station Terminal

Station Terminal

There is a terminal at every station. All 50 terminals accept a Season Ticket and a 3-Day Pass.

Terminals at all stations allow you to:

- Select a bike

- Consult your account

- View availability of bikes and stands at other stations

- Check the station map

- Locate a credit card enabled terminal

Bike stands

Bike stands

The stands are used to secure bikes by means of a locking system specifically designed for the service.

When you return your bike, an audio signal and indicator light will confirm when you have successfully locked the bike into the stand.

In the event of a problem, contact the Call Centre on 031-227 227.

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