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Use your Göteborg City Card to use the bikes to move around fast and easy between Gothenburgs all tourist attractions. Register you card by the bike station. 

A 3-day pass for Styr & Ställ’s rental bikes is included in the Gothenburg City Card. You can rent a bike for free 30 minutes at a time. There are 60 bicycle stations in the central part of Gothenburg. It is activated with the assistance of your Gothenburg City Card and debit-/credit card. A deposit of 140 SEK is required. Note that the credit card needs to have a chip and a PIN-code. If your credit card doesn’t contain a chip and/or a PIN-code then you cannot use the rental bikes.


The first time you want to hire a bike you need to register your Göteborg City Card. To do this you need to go to a bike station with a credit card terminal. On the station you chose 1 - Buy a ticket. Follow the instructions on the screen and have your credit card and your Göteborg City Card available. A receipt will be printed with a subscription number, this number is useful if you need to contact the callcenter.


When you have completed the first step and want to hire a bike go to a bike terminal and press 2 - Access the service. Follow the steps and information on the screen regarding Göteborg City Card.


30 Minute rule
The bike can be used for free 30 minutes at a time. If you want to keep using it after 30 minutes you will have to return the bike at a station and get a new one. If the bike is used for more than 30 minutes continuously, a fee of 10 SEK will be charged for the following 30 minutes. You will be charged 20 SEK for the next 30 minutes, followed by 40 SEK per every 30 minutes after that. If you use the bike for longer than 30 minutes, the money will be drawn from your deposit.


Season: 1 March-31 of Dec and the app AllBikesnow

Customer service:  Phone: +4631-22 72 27



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