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The bikes make it possible for everyone to enjoy short journeys in the city. For this reason the first half-hour of use is free; after that a service charge applies.


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You can access Styr & Ställ through a 1-Year Ticket or by choosing a 3 Day Ticket.

The first half-hour of each journey is always free, regardless of the number of trips per day and wichever subscription you use. A user can for example borrow the bike, 24 times in one day completely free as long as each bike ride does not exceed 30 minutes.

The first half hour of use is free whichever subscription you use.

If your journey takes more than 30 minutes, a service charge applies which is debited from your Styr & Ställ account if you have a 1-Year Ticket or from your credit card if you have selected a 3 day ticket.

You get maximum rent a bike for a continuous period of 24 hours. After setting back a bike in a rack, do not hesitate to re-rent a bike for another maximum of 24 consecutive hours. If a rented bike is not returned within 24 hours the bike is considered as stolen and a fee of SEK 2500 may be charged to you.

1-Year Ticket (1 st of January – December 31 st): 75 SEK

3-Day Pass: 25 SEK

Cost of the service

First half-hour : Free of charge

Second half-hour : 10 SEK

Third half-hour : 20 SEK

Every extra half-hour : 40 SEK

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