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The simple, easy and convenient way to enjoy Styr & Ställ all season.
A Season ticket gives you easy access to the service at every station.

Season Ticket

For only 75 SEK you can rent a bicycle as often as you wish during the season. The first half hour of each journey is free.

The season begins on March 1st and ends on December 31 st.

The first half hour of each ride bikes is always free, regardless of the number of journeys per day.


For example, a user can borrow the bike 24 times in a day for free as long as each bike ride does not exceed 30 minutes.


If you rent a bike for longer than half an hour, there is an additional rental cost per half hour.

The season card will be sent home by mail.


Your Styr & Ställ-account
To subscribe for a season subscription is the fastest and easiest way to use the Styr & Ställ. The season card is sent to you by mail.
When you use your card at a terminal, you can rent a bike and go into your account.
You can also access your personal details under the "My Account" www.styrochstä
Payment quickly and easily via www.styrochstä
Payment is completely safe and the whole process takes just minutes.
Money is deducted twice monthly from your account if you have been cycling more than the free half-hour. 

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For any question about the service, please call

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